Progressive individuals, informally organized interest groups, and de novo 501(c)(4) organizations may be eligible to receive the following products with associated services on a pro bono basis.  Please inquire about the enrollment requirements process at 866/891.2194 or

  1. Advocacy Program Design (complete)
  2. Conference Call
  3. Copywriting Pieces
  4. Fundraising Strategy
  5. Integrated Marketing & Communication Plan
  6. Internal Policy Development
  7. Issue Management
  8. Legislative Campaign Plan
  9. Legislative Testimony Services
  10. Legislator Correspondence
  11. Media Training
  12. Grassroots Membership Drive
  13. Message Development
  14. Papers & Publications
  15. Political Risk Analysis & Rating
  16. Q&A
  17. Quarter-Hour Mentoring
  18. Quarter-Hour Consultation
  19. Regulatory Affairs (All Monitoring/Letters/Calls)
  20. Training By Phone (including coalition building, influence strategies, leadership, job training)
  21. Web Design & Development