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Welcome, Patriots!

Welcome, Patriots!

This website is freely available and intended for use by individuals and networks, labor unions, and nonprofits.

We’re in this together, this American experiment we call democracy.  Right from the founding of the United States, as a people we were active in our protests (e.g., Boston Tea Party), the U.S. Supreme Court began articulating U.S. law, and we were on track to create “a more perfect union” in our quest for life, liberty, and happiness.

Politics today is no less important than for our forefathers. But the tools of democracy and the sophistication in the messaging and techniques used to advocate have left some people out of our political system. And now it’s highly competitive to get the attention of Congress, let alone enact legislation.

America Stumps was formed to aid progressive Americans and organizations to participate effectively in our democratic policy process. Call us at 866/891.2194 to discuss your public affairs needs.

Click the links on the menu under Political Education.  These free training materials were written as a courtesy by a seasoned public affairs professional who worked in Washington, D.C. for several years.

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